Free Weight Loss Seminar

By Dr Gregory Nolan

Where:   Pacific Private Clinic, Southport
Date:     Tuesday 16 April 2019
Time:     6.00PM


Information on the latest procedures for weight loss surgery.


Information on general surgical procedures inc. gallbladder, hernia, liver, pancreas.


Information on thyroid and parathyroid surgical procedures.

This practice is the specialist surgical practice of Dr Gregory Nolan located at Southport on the Gold Coast.  We offer a range of general laparoscopic surgical procedures from gall bladder, hiatal and abdominal hernia repair procedures through to thyroid surgeries.  Dr Nolan also has a special interest in hepato-biliary surgery and has been operating on the Gold Coast since the late 1980s.

In conjunction with the general surgery practice, Southport Bariatrics commenced in 2006 and since then have helped hundreds of patients with their obesity and medical co-morbidities through such surgeries as lapband, sleeve gastrectomy, Omega Loop (Mini) gastric bypass and Roux-en Y gastric bypass and other revisional bariatric procedures.


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