Testimonial from Paul Rimington for Weight Loss Surgery

  Very rarely am I ever prompted to write a note of thanks and appreciation for services rendered.

However, in this case, I feel that not to do so would be keeping a valuable societal contribution a secret by not sharing something very special with those battling the extensive effects of obesity on their health.

As you know, in my case those effects were widespread and included sleep apnoea, developing type-2 diabetes, joint pain, lethargy and back pain among many others.

Not only did your surgery change my life (almost instant weight reduction from 135 kgs to 100 kgs) and therefore my general health, I believe you may well have added many years to my life expectancy.

As important as the foregoing is, it is the skill and dedication to the task which was, and is, the most outstanding hallmark of your practice. The careful pre-surgery health adequacy assessment, the undeniable skill of the surgical procedure and most importantly still – the attention to the post-operative recovery process. To see one’s surgeon at 6.30 am Sunday doing rounds certainly sets a very high bar for your fellow practitioners.

Thank you for your skill and dedication.

Please also thank your competent and caring staff for making me always feel more part of the practice family than a mere patient.  

– Paul Rimington