Testimonial from Peter for Weight Loss Surgery

  Over the past 20 years my weight became an ever increasing problem, during this time I tried every diet known to man, attended Weight Watchers programmes, Jenny Craig programmes all to no avail, my weight continued to balloon and my health suffered. During this period  I was diagnosed with diabetes and with medication the diabetes was held at a reasonable level, toward the end of 2012 my Doctors advised me that I would have to inject insulin to combat the onslaught of the diabetes disease, I commenced injecting my self daily and over the year the dosage was steadily increased.

About five years ago I heard about the Lap Band surgery and consulted with Dr Greg Nolan, not fully convinced that this was the path I should take I consulted with a dietician and followed this programme, once again not losing any weight.

After speaking with many people who had undergone the Lap Band surgery, I again consulted with Dr Greg Nolan and after a consultation in which he explained a new procedure in which the stomach underwent a surgery to reduce the size and therefore constrict the amount of intake to a reasonable portion.

I decided to take the step to do something about my weight and health issues.

In June of 2013 I took the steps to have the operation which in my opinion has saved my life. The weight dropped, the insulin injections ceased and my overall health improved.

My eating habits have now changed and in the past I was constantly hungry, I am now eating less and never hungry.

I cannot thank Dr Greg enough, this certainly was the right direction and my life is certainly back on track and the comments on how better off I look with the loss of the weight is certainly a boost to my morale.

Please do yourself a favour and go with the procedure, you will certainly not regret it and in years to come look back and say “I made the right decision”.

– Peter Lloyd